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My name is Eva Maria Keiffenheim. I’m a learning enthusiast, entrepreneur, podcaster, and writer with +300K views. I hold an MSc in Strategy & Innovation Management from Vienna University of Economics and Business and a BSc in Business Education from Frankfurt University.

I spend most of my time creating content and consulting education projects. Moreover, I support individual clients with tailored advice on their personal and professional goals.

In case you need help with any of the below, let’s talk. You will get my undivided attention for 50 minutes, with strategies, advice, and actionable insights.

Depending on your needs, you can use our time for a conversation, or a hands-on personal workshop. I promise to add value to your life. After our time you will feel motivated, inspired, and ready to tackle your next challenge.

  • Be productive and get stuff done.
  • Define your priorities.
  • Find and define your life goals.
  • Make a full-time income on Medium.
  • Become a better reader.
  • Get feedback on your product.

To book a consultation, transfer $199, or €159 via PayPal. Within 48-hours you will receive an e-mail with suggested dates, and three questions that help me prepare for our time.