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New Education Story

Big Change – September 2021 – August 2023

Big Change is a catalyst for long-term changes and works in the UK and globally, with diverse allies in and beyond formal education systems, to explore and challenge old assumptions about what education is and can be, who and what it is for.

In close collaboration with the Impact Team, I support A New Education story initiative, which I also co-authored. A New Education Story was created to provoke conversation and action to transform education systems. A New Education Story and the three drivers of transformation – Purpose, Power, and Practice (the “3Ps”) – identified in the report have become a cornerstone within a growing global conversation about transforming education.

My role focuses on driving education system transformation through raising awareness, driving engagement from the wider community of diverse stakeholders, and developing evidence for transformational change. Here is the summary of the impacts of this work:

“Purpose, Power, and Practice: Shaping the conversation on transforming education”

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