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Uniting Generations and Sharing Power

Big Change – May 2023 – September 2023

Big Change is a catalyst for long-term changes and works in the UK and globally, with diverse allies in and beyond formal education systems, to explore and challenge old assumptions about what education is and can be, who and what it is for.

In close collaboration with Big Change and Salzburg Global Seminar, I co-authored Uniting Generations and Sharing Power to Transform Education, a guide to more inclusive and intergenerational convening.

Uniting generations and sharing power to transform education is not an option but a necessity. This guide is a starting point for all those committed to sharing power and taking an inclusive approach to transforming education. It makes the case for uniting generations and sharing power, explores definitions, provides examples, and offers a co-created checklist for organizations and leaders to consider in their events.

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Uniting Generations and Sharing Power to Transform Education

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