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Hi, I’m Eva. I’ve dedicated my work to transforming education for students and lifelong learners. Subscribe to my free weekly Learn Letter to learn more.

Here’s what I do (last updated 03/2022):

👩🏽‍🎓 I co-founded and run Speed Up, Buddy! an NGO to support first-gen students.

✍🏻 I write articles about learning and education systems on Medium (+23K followers)

👩🏽‍🎓 I run a cohort-based online course on writing twice a year (third cohort in September, waitlist here)

🏫 I work with EdTechs, policymakers, and NGOs on strategic initiatives related to the future of education and learning (examples: education transformation, the innovation foundation, and entrepreneurship education).

🎙️ Since Jan 2020, I run a weekly German podcast (Instagram).

🗣️ I spread the word about what needs to change in education (e.g. here & here). TEDx Talk soon!

✉️ I publish the weekly Learn Letter (+4K subscribers)