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April 2022

You’ll marvel at Estonia’s education system. “At our schools, we don’t have homework,” 11-year old Ulvar told me during a school visit to Tallinn. I chuckled. Estonian students outperform all other European countries in PISA results — by not having homework? Ulvar wasn’t joking. Compared to other PISA participating countries, Estonian students have short school days and spend little time on homework or 1-on-1 tutoring. While many other high-performing PISA countries, like Singapore or Korea, achieve high learning outcomes

Welcome to the post-pandemic reality of online learning. Ten years from now, we’ll grimace at how we used to learn. While the past years have accelerated change, we’re still in the early days of a global learning revolution. In the next six years, analysts expect the global e-learning market to double, from $253 billion now to $522 billion in 2027. I’ve been working in education and learning for a decade, and this article is based on recent conversations with