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Education System Change

Teach For All – February 2023 – September 2023

I was the lead author of the report on investigating Systems Impact: case studies of collective leadership from Teach For All‘s Global Network.

Under the name “The Missing Piece: Developing Collective Leadership to Transform Education, this report is the result of a three-part learning and research methodology comprising a global evidence review, the development of the nine original case studies, and a synthesis of the learning co-created by 600+ practitioners across Teach For All’s global network.

Using an exploratory case studies methodology, the report consolidates Teach For All’s theory, global insights on what is collective leadership, how can it be developed and how does it contribute to system change, alongside a summary of findings and recommendations for local investments and global commitments.

Beginning of March 2024 I was invited to the soft launch of this report in the CIES (Comparative and International Education Societies) conference held in Miami, U.S. At the event we started sharing and discussing the insights across different events and forums, as we hope to start what we hope to be a long term conversation on how we can continuously learn about developing the collective leadership that can shift systems so that all students can reach their potential.

Here are the links to the full report and research brief. Both documents will be translated in multiple languages in the upcoming months. 

Feedback from my project manager Agnes Tolescu

“Working with you was great, you made the project almost self-running by being constantly proactive, pushing the team for clarity, and reaching all the milestones in a timely manner. You drove for impact while being very considerate of everyone’s needs, being extremely flexible, and keeping a very positive attitude throughout. I also appreciated your rigor in tracking your time and flagging when we need to readjust the scope of work. Working with you became a model of a successful collaboration, and I hope we’ll have many touchpoints throughout time. You are such a great communicator and considerate team member, and you have such amazing project management skills. We would have designed a bigger and more directly involved with partners role to offer you.”