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Presenting at WISE11

WISE Summit, 11th edition – Creative Fluency: Human Flourishing in the Age of AI, November 2023, Doha, Qatar

About the summit:

The emergence of AI challenges our traditional understanding of creativity and raises profound questions about the future of education in a world still grappling with persistent legacy issues around teacher shortages, limited access to formal learning among vulnerable populations, poor learning outcomes even in developed nations, and a disconnect between higher education and workforce needs.

In this context, the Summit invites the WISE community to debate and discuss the topics that are reshaping our education landscape, including the importance of computational literacy, the promise of personalized learning for all, new AI-integrated pedagogical approaches that enhance the creative potential of students and teachers, and issues of equity and embedded values in the design, dissemination, and implementation of emerging technologies for education around the world.


  • Eva Keiffenheim, Education System Change Consultant
  • Dominic Regester, Director of the Center for Education Transformation, Salzburg Global Seminar
  • Asmaa Alfadala, Director of Research, WISE, Assistant Professor, College of Public Policy (Hamad bin Khalifa University)
  • Anthony Mackay, Board Co Chair, National Center on Education and the Economy

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