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Lernen in und aus der Krise

Foundation for Innovation in Education – August 2020 – December 2020

As an independent writer and researcher I created a publication “Learning in and from the crisis” for the Foundation for Innovation in Education. The foundation aims to strategically advance and transform the education system by promoting innovative projects, fostering collaboration, and raising educational standards across age groups. It acts as a catalyst for the education of the future and engages with diverse stakeholders.

The publication explores unprecedented challenges faced by the education system that also present significant opportunities, as the urgency for change catalyzes innovation and development. The document explores how the surge in digitalization across various education levels, exemplified by the 8-point plan for digital education from the Ministry of Education, highlights the potential for transformation and emphasizes the importance of dialogue and shared insights to harness the benefits of change and secure a promising future for education.

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Die Innovationsstiftung für Bildung

“Lernen in und aus der Krise”