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Contributing Writer on – 2020 – current is an open platform for writers and readers, where over 100 million people connect and share their stories on any topic every month. Medium’s ultimate goal is to deepen our collective understanding of the world through the power of writing.

Since 2020, I have published +250 articles on learning and education and gained more than 33K Followers and 3,000,000 readers on the platform. I am a contributing writer to some of the biggest publications on the platform, such as Better Humans, Start it Up, and Mind Cafe.

Here are the links to some of my articles I am particularly proud of:

5 Little-Known ChatGPT Prompts to Learn Anything Faster

The Simple Yet Effective Cornell Method Helps You Take Better Notes

I Analyzed 13 TED Talks on Improving Your Memory— Here’s the Quintessence

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